About EJRN


The role of EJRN is to help generate and share knowledge and information by networking and building partnerships between researchers, lower-income communities and communities of color, and the environmental justice movement. The Environmental Justice Research Network (EJRN) was formed out of the 2013 New England Environmental Justice Summit with the overall goal of facilitating community-driven research on environmental justice issues.  These issues range from environmental health, climate change and justice, land use policy, gentrification and housing policy, energy policy, industrial siting and permitting, transportation equity, air and water quality, community revitalization and green jobs, parks and environmental amenities, food justice, smart growth and sprawl, disaster prevention and response, chemical exposure and toxic wastes, brownfields and illegal dumping, access to public services (such as shelters), and many other challenges confronting lower-income people and people of color where they “live, work, play, and pray.”  Knowledge is power.  Researchers can also utilize the network to reach out to communities.


EJRN accomplishes these objectives by acting as a clearinghouse to match community groups in need of research assistance with scholars, scientists, academic research centers and institutes, professional and non-professional researchers and consultants, and other organizations.  Any organization or individual is free to join as a Research Associate.  Daniel Faber, serves as the coordinator.

On the New England EJ Forum website, a profile (including contact information and areas of expertise) of all the EJRN Research Associates will be provided.  EJ organizations that would like to put out a “call” for research assistance may contact individual researchers themselves, or send a description of their research problem and need to Dr. Faber at d.faber@neu.edu, who will then forward it along to the entire EJRN membership via a listserve e-mail notification.  It will then be up to the individual researchers to respond to this call if they are qualified and interested in doing the work.  In the future, EJRN may also serve to coordinate meetings, discussion groups, public talks, conferences, and other kinds of EJ-related events.


For more information, contact Daniel Faber, NEEJRN Coordinator at 617-373-2878 or at d.faber@neu.edu.  Correspondence can be mailed to Dr. Faber, the Northeastern Environmental Justice Research Collaborative,  509 Holmes Hall, 360 Huntington Avenue, Northeastern University, Boston, MA 02115.


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